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The Caterpillar Lab Store: Original Art and Caterpillary Goodness

Hi there The Caterpillar Lab fans!  You have come to the right place for discovering the latest TCL swag and great caterpillar related gifts.  Our store contains TCL/Sam Jaffe original art, posters, cards, t-shirts and other original products, as well as some of the tools of the trade like books and cages.  We try and add something new and original each season, so keep your eyes out!

"Wait! Wow! Why are some of your products more expensive than I'm used to?!" 

Good question!   The Caterpillar Shop exists to help fund our not-for-profit mission.  We mark-up certain items like our yearly calendar, caterpillar trading cards, and bumperstickers, to ensure that our store supports more than just itself - but our outreach educational work as well!  A purchase from The Caterpillar Lab Store is in many ways similar to making a contribution to natural history education and getting a little something nice in return.  Know that your purchase is helping to support a great caterpillary cause!  Thanks!